KL GirlKind Living intends to inspire people to both recognize and engage in acts of ordinary kindness.

The project was started in 2011 by educator Andy Smallman to bring focus to the kindness content he had been creating since the 1990’s. Fish Astronaut serves as the project’s primary illustrator. Theresa Foster began contributing illustrations in 2019.

To make easiest use of the resources, check out a self-paced class or a special activity, or use the class archive, all below. The Kind Living team regularly creates more content so stay in touch by signing up for our eNewsletter.

If you find value in what Kind Living offers, please consider supporting our work with either a recurring monthly donation or a one-time gift. Kind Living is ad-free; in fact, we pay WordPress, our web host, to keep their ads off our sites. Additionally, Andy, Fish, and Theresa spend hundreds of hours each year researching, composing, and creating content.

In other words, your financial support really makes a difference.