KL GirlKind Living intends to inspire people to both recognize and engage in acts of ordinary kindness.

The project was started in 2011 by educator Andy Smallman to bring focus to the kindness content he has been creating since the 1990’s. Fish Astronaut serves as the project’s primary illustrator. Theresa Foster began contributing illustrations in 2019.

All of Kind Living’s offerings are free as part of the gift economy, an economic system in which goods and services are provided as a gift rather than traded for money. The circulation of gifts increases relationships, connections, and a spirit of reciprocity.

To support our gift economy experiment, tell us about another organization or individual you’re supporting. Knowing you are engaged in this way really makes a difference.

To make easiest use of our resources, check out a self-paced class or a special activity, or use the class archive, all below. We are regularly creating more content so stay in touch by signing up for our eNewsletter.