Anonymous Kindness

I started facilitated kindness classes in the 1990’s and from the beginning participants have most enjoyed and felt good about those kindness actions that have an anonymous component. This module was borne out of this realization and my desire to continually explore what it means to be kind.

The first two themes involve solo acts of kindness and the third requires you to involve another person. As you complete the first two, try not to tell others what you’re doing. Complete the acts quietly and without fanfare, thus providing you practice in both humility and modesty while reducing the risk that what you do is for show or reward.

Critical to all of my kindness classes is for you to have the freedom to make anything out of them you want to make. Please don’t feel there is a “right way” to participate other than what feels right to you. It’s important for you to enjoy yourself. If this module ever feels like a chore, please stop.

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