Reflection #4 – The “24” Test

I really think Linda summed it up in her comment when she wrote, “When there is a need, and you can fulfill, especially, The Gift of the Magiit in the absence of any expectation from the receiver, it is a gift to yourself as well. It really is a treat to be able to give from the inner part of yourself without relying on Christmas, birthdays, or any real occasion other than your loving feelings for someone else, whether it be a homeless person, a neighbor or a relative.”

The best things we do for others are actually the best things we can do for ourselves. Want a simple little test to see if an action you are interested in taking is a sound one? I call it “The 24 Test” and it involves trying to imagine how you will feel after having completed an action and doing this from four perspectives. First, how will you feel 24 seconds after you’ve done it? Then, after 24 minutes. How will you feel in 24 hours? Lastly, in 24 days?

If your answer remains consistently positive, it’s a good bet your action is a good one.

Think about this little test for Jim & Della. How do you think they felt about their actions in each context?

That’s it for the Kindness Stories class and a wrap on 2012 for Kind Living. I’ll be back strong in 2013 with a full version of the grandaddy of my kindness classes, the Practice of Kindness. Look for it to begin very soon. Meanwhile, happy new year! Thanks for your ongoing participation and support. It means more than I can say.