Reflection #10 – Wrapping Up

With this message I am officially bringing to a close the Practice of Kindness class. As you likely understand now, offering and facilitating kindness classes is one way I practice kindness for myself. Practice of KindnessThey provide me a profound sense of purpose. I feel I am doing something meaningful. At their zenith, these classes are profound win-win situations. I benefit from offering them and others benefit by participating in them.

I want to sincerely thank you all for your participation. And I want to give a little extra appreciation to those of you who regularly posted, thus helping keep our collective momentum going. I know it’s difficult to stay focused so I appreciate those of you who did. I also want to acknowledge those of you who completed most or all of the “themes,” even if you didn’t always post. Each act completed contributed to the amount of positive action taking place in the world. Thank you!

I’d love to get your feedback about your experience in this class. I’m very interested in knowing what worked for you and what you think I can do to make the class better. I am always wanting to improve the experience for those who choose to participate.

Remember, it’s important to put on your own air mask and it’s important to remember that no act of kindness is ever too small.