Compassion Curriculum – Lesson Five

(Teachers, the concept of sharing should be a familiar one. In the spirit of this mission, however, see if you can help the children understand that in many ways people are constantly sharing a variety of things – among these are our attitudes, facial expressions, and tone of voice. What we are aiming at here is to help everyone learn how to come from a compassionate core so the energy we share is full of care, concern, warmth and love.)

Hello to the Heralded Ambassadors of Compassion!

A few weeks ago you began completing weekly missions designed to help you identify how you are “hooked up” to external sources of positive energy and inspiration. As the weeks have passed, you have learned that you can generate your own compassionate energy, that you are a producer of positive power.

To the people who have received your compassionate acts, it doesn’t really matter whether they were inspired by some outside source, like the Dalai Lama, or whether they were generated from within you. If you share electricity with your neighbor, it doesn’t matter whether you’re drawing it from the power grid of the electrical company or from your own rooftop electricity-producing solar panels. What’s important is the sharing, the act.

For this final mission, that is the key word: SHARING. It’s what we hope you will consider today and all of the todays that follow.

Like the children’s song “Magic Penny” that says when you give away love you end up having more, use the concept of sharing to see how true sharing actually increases the amount of what’s most important: care, concern, warmth, and love. On the flip side, sharing hate and intolerance increases those things, too. As we hope you see, the aim of these missions is to help you consistently come from a place of compassion by helping you nurture your internal positive power source.

So today, share something positive and uplifting. Share a variety of things, including material things like a spoonful of your ice cream, physical things like a hug, and emotional or intellectual things like your undivided attention or your knowledge. Tune in to those things you regularly share but you might not normally notice you do.

And just because these missions are over does not mean you can’t complete more. You can! All you need to do is pay attention to those opportunities to do something compassionate for others and then do it, using your inner source of care, concern, warmth, and love.

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