Compassion Curriculum – Lesson Two

(To help children get the gist of today’s mission, it’s important for them to understand how good it feels to complete acts of compassion and kindness. Have them talk about how it felt to complete their acts in the first lesson, and see if they can identify other times in their lives in which they felt good because of doing something nice. Then help them connect these positive feelings to having more “energy” to do more things. To complete the lesson, help them identify something compassionate, good or kind they can do for themselves.)

Hello Ambassadors!

You spent last week being energized by an external power source that inspires you, and you’ve transmitted that inspiration into an act of care, concern, warmth, and love. Please take time to consider how it felt to YOU to be kind and compassionate. Where do these feelings exist? Did you see that these powerful feelings exist inside of you!? And while they may have been inspired by your external sources of compassionate power, the feelings generated are uniquely yours.

So, your next mission, ambassadors of compassion, is to begin the process of consistently looking within yourself for sources of compassionate energy. This is not to say that external sources are not important. They most certainly are. But when you learn to nurture your internal source of compassionate energy, that resource becomes easily renewable. It’s always available and will never run out.

To complete this week’s mission, treat yourself with compassion by doing something loving for yourself. How are you suffering, even in some small way, right now? Be understanding to yourself in a way that allows you to appreciate your gifts, while listening for that inner voice that tells you why you are unique and beautiful. Talk to a trusted adult about what you do for yourself and back at school tell an important friend. Listen respectfully if someone chooses to talk to you in this way.

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