Kindness at Work

This kindness module is an attempt to use the Dr. Seuss book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? to get you thinking about engaging in kindness activities where your work.

Many people see this book, intended for children, as a way to focus on how to feel better about your life by comparing it to the lives of less fortunate, albeit silly, characters. Instead, this module offers you the opportunity to use the book in a way that brings meaning and purpose to you, and as a byproduct kindness, at your place of employment.

Critical to all of our kindness activities at Kind Living is for you to have the freedom to make anything out of them you want to make. Please don’t feel there is a “right way” to participate other than what feels right to you. It’s important for you to enjoy yourself. If this module ever feels like a chore, please stop and come back to it later.

Ready to get started? Then head on over to Assignment 1.