Kindness at Work – Assignment #1

“And poor Mr. Potter,
He has to cross t’s
and he has to dot i’s
in and I-and-T factory
out in Van Nuys.” (page 24)

Consider the Quote: Every job has repetitious tasks that may seem tedious, even boring, so much so that we might do them on auto-pilot. But these are often the tasks that need to get to done to ensure the bigger projects get done.

Kind Action: Step outside of the repetitious tasks that YOU do to see those done by a co-worker. What does this person consistently do that enables you to do your job? Take time to appreciate this person for doing these mundane tasks well.

Journal: Write about the value each member of a team plays in making the whole team best function. Ideally, write specifically about a team at your place of work. But if that’s not relevant or is too difficult, consider another team, like the five basketball players on the floor during a game, that have to work together well in order for any one of them to excel.

Next step – read this message of inspiration to help you with this assignment.