Kindness at Work – Inspiration #3

For inspiration on this assignment, I invite you to think of three words: Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose. Think of these three words in the context of your job. The more of each of them you experience at work, the more likely you are to love your job. Consider:

Autonomy has to do with being self-directed. It means your boss trusts you to get the job done you were hired to do.

Mastery taps into the natural urge we have as humans to improve. This is especially true of things that interest us. Think back to the drive you had to learn something like how to ride a bike. You couldn’t be stopped, right?

Purpose is also inherently human and is about our desire to make a contribution. Nearing the end of life people typically don’t look back and think of their financial successes as a measurement of a good life. It has to do with having made a positive difference.

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