Kindness at Work – Reflection #1

At its root, the word “synergy” means “working together.” In practice, the word has come to mean working together WELL. We all have had times in which we are functioning so well with others that we feel we are part of a whole. It is at these times that may gain glimpses into the concept that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. Gaining these glimpses, we also may come to realize that as individuals we have a responsibility to keep ourselves “in tune,” so to speak, in order for the whole to best function.

Think back to the quote that kicked off this assignment, the one about Mr. Potter whose job it is to cross T’s and dot I’s. It may seem like a meaningless job but if Mr. Potter doesn’t do it, an attention to detail is lost that will contribute to a significant problem down the line. So part of staying in tune is to consistently attend to the little jobs in your life. If it helps, think about what happens to your teeth if you don’t brush them every day.

So instead of being thankful that we are not Mr. Potter, perhaps we can thank the Mr. Potters of the world for keeping things functioning, and we can better appreciate the repetitious tasks that we have to do in our lives.

Next step – Assignment #2.