Kindness at Work – Reflection #2

This assignment’s Kind Action invited you to consider where you sit on your company’s organization chart. Undoubtedly, for some this is easier to do than it is for others. What if you are self-employed? What if your company has done away with institutional hierarchies?

If you found this assignment difficult, reimagine it in a way that makes it make sense to you. When you are able to do this, you are seeking to understand the principles behind a structure. And when you understand principles, your creativity has the opportunity to be unleashed.

In school we are taught to blindly follow rules; in fact, we are rewarded for it with good grades when we follow a teacher’s instructions to the letter. As a result, however, we lose interest in understanding the reasons for things. We become reward-oriented instead of goal-oriented. These are two different things.

Think about it. Can you think of times in which you met the spirit of a work requirement but stepped away from the initially assumed structure? This is where innovation takes place. And being innovators in control of our lives is one of the great places from which we gain fulfillment.

Next step – Assignment #3.