Kindness at Work – Reflection #3

A recurring concept in this module has to do with being part of a team. In order to function effectively as a whole, each individual member of a team must do her/his part. We sometimes forget this, especially when our individual responsibilities require us to focus on what we are doing. But it’s important to remember the overall goal and that this goal can’t be reached by our work alone.

Think about a human hand; in fact, take a look at your dominant hand. It is made up of many individual things, among them being fingers, bones, tissue, veins, tendons and blood. Working together, they make a hand. Isolated, the individual components cannot do what a hand can do.

But even a hand is part of something larger, the extension of a wrist, which is part of an arm, which is connected to a shoulder, etc. And these parts of the body are all connected to the brain via a system of nerves.

Sometimes it is useful to see yourself at work as one of these smaller parts of the body. You have a job to do so be sure to do it well. But keep in mind that you are only effective in concert with other parts. Together, you are something larger.

How do you support these other parts? Do you keep in mind your organization’s goals?


Thanks for completing this kindness module!