Practice of Kindness

This online kindness class is designed as a self-paced module. There are three themes for you to complete, each progressing from the one before. The idea is to take a week with each theme, thus making this a three week class, but feel free to move quicker or slower as the mood strikes you. In fact, feel no pressure to do anything in any “supposed to” way. The class is intended to help you to consider the concept of kindness as a reflective exercise rather than something big you do for show.

Note, provided with each theme are links called “Inspirations,” messages to be read after individually considering a theme for a short time, and another called “Reflections,” concluding thoughts about each theme that are intended to be read after you have finished your work with it.

Critical to all of our kindness activities at Kind Living is for you to have the freedom to make anything out of them you want to make. Please don’t feel there is a “right way” to participate other than what feels right to you. It’s important for you to enjoy yourself. If this module ever feels like a chore, please stop and come back to it later.

Ready to get started? Then head on over to Theme #1.