Practice of Kindness – Theme #1

1 – Do Something Kind For Yourself

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” — Theodore Isaac Rubin

For YourselfFor the purpose of this class it’s important for you to acknowledge and take care of yourself by being the first recipient of one of your acts of focused kindness. So we begin this module by asking you to go within yourself in order to do something consciously kind for yourself.

It’s very important that this be something extra you do for yourself because of your participation in this class. It defeats the purpose to have your action be something you do regularly or already have scheduled. Additionally, you will get more from the exercise if you plan your act mindfully, paying extra attention to doing something you might not normally allow yourself to do.

Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to use this class as an excuse to indulge in something you love. That is, indulge yourself within reason. Please don’t use this exercise as an excuse to do something that you know is not healthy for you to do.

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