Stargirl Kindness – Assignment #2

“The thing is, there’s no difference anymore between me and the universe. The boundary is gone. I am it and it is me.” –Stargirl

KL-Stargirl02A-fish0814Reading: Read through chapter 21. Complete your reading in a way that allows you to spend a little extra time highlighting any passage that strikes you as significant.

Kind Action: Consider the concept of “getting credit” (see the end of chapter 20) for the good things you do. With that in mind, complete an act of kindness that has the potential to make a significant positive impact but which almost guarantees you will not get any credit for completing.

Journal: Write about “getting credit.” Consider the different meanings of the expression “getting credit” and of the word “credit.” Play with these. Put them in the context of your life. Then spend some time noting why getting credit may not be important to Stargirl.

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