Stargirl Kindness – Assignment #3

“You can’t?” -Stargirl

KL-Stargirl03A-fish0814Reading: Finish the book. After finishing, read chapters 32 and 33 again, as well as the final section “More Than Stars.”

Kind Action: In reflecting on her first speech at the contest, Stargirl says to Leo, “I’m saying I didn’t even make it up. It was just there. All I did was open my mouth and let it out.” This suggests that people might be a conduit for something significant and good. Imagine yourself this way, as a conduit, or a vehicle, for kindness, or for wholeness or love. Then allow a kind action to emerge and flow through you. Having done so, reflect on this experience in terms of what has most impacted you because of your participation in this kindness module.

Journal: Imagine you are Raymond Studemacher or his date at the Ocotillo Ball. What has been going through your mind at the dance? What have you been thinking as you watched Stargirl dance alone? What have you been thinking while watching Stargirl at school? Having done that, can you relate this experience to one in your life?

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