Kindness Stories – Story #3 : “God Sees the Truth, But Waits”

“And at these words his heart grew light, and the longing for home left him.”

God Sees the Truth, But WaitsReading: Click here to read this week’s story, Leo Tolstoy’s “God Sees the Truth, But Waits.” As you read, allow your mind to connect to other thoughts and events in your life. When you find one especially meaningful, put away our story and consider yours.

Stories Journal: Assuming you connected your reading to a thought or an event in your life, summarize it in your journal. If you find that difficult, consider this story as a response to the horrific shooting in Connecticut. Write about your thoughts related to that.

Kind Action: Is there someone in your life with whom you are holding a grudge or haven’t forgiven? Perhaps someone you are mad at? Do something genuinely kind for that person. If you can’t bring yourself to do something genuine, try to at least think warm thoughts about that person.

Comments Section: Tell us about your experience reading the story, writing in your journal, and/or contemplating or completing the Kind Action suggestion.