Twilight Zone Kindness – Inspiration #2

In preparation for writing inspiration messages, I first look for something related to the theme that inspires me. TZK-2 InspirationSometimes this is very easy and I know what I want to use. Other times, it’s hard, and I find myself searching for something inspirational. Such was this case with this episode.

I first did a search of my email archive for the phrase “second chance.” Nothing useful returned, despite my archive of lots of inspirational eNewsletters, among other things. So I moved to Google and searched for “second chance” there. LOTS of hits, but many of these aren’t inspiring at all. I revised the search, tried some slight variations, etc.

Still, nothing. So there I was, thinking I didn’t have something “inspirational” to share about second chances.

Then it hit me. Maybe I need a “second chance” with this message. Or maybe the second chance is cutting myself some slack. Maybe it’s opening the possibility for you to think what is inspirational to you about this episode.

What actually is a second chance? What do you think?

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