Twilight Zone Kindness – Theme #1


Season 1, Episode 1 – October 2, 1959

“Up there… Up there in the vastness of space, in the void that is sky… Up there is an enemy known as isolation. It sits there in the stars waiting… Waiting with the patience of eons… Forever waiting… In The Twilight Zone.”

Twilight Zone - Assignment #1Watching: Watch the episode “Where is Everybody,” the pilot episode for the series. As you watch, note when you find yourself connecting something in the episode to a situation or story from your life. Pay attention to these. Take note of them in some way as they may have something to teach you.

Kind Action: Consider people you know who may be feeling isolated in some way. What makes them isolated? Do they need help? How can you tell? Pick one you think would benefit from some kind of help and complete an action that intends to decrease her/his isolation. This need not be anything big; in fact, often it’s the smallest actions, the every day actions, that carry the most significance.

Note, a short story version of this episode can be found in “Stories from the Twilight Zone.”

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