Twilight Zone Kindness – Theme #2


Season 1, Episode 3 – October 16, 1959

“Mr. Henry Fate, dealer in utensils and pots and pans, liniments and potions. A fanciful little man in a black frock coat who can help a man climbing out of a pit – or another man from falling into one. Because, you see, Fate can work that way . . . in the Twilight Zone.”

TZ2-AssignmentWatching: Watch this episode while giving it your full attention. Don’t try to squeeze in the viewing while doing something else, or while feeling distracted that you should be doing something else. See if you can treat yourself to the episode, maybe even scheduling the viewing at a special time.

Kind Action: A major theme of this episode is second chances. Think about when you were given a second chance. Under what circumstances did this take place? Who provided you with the second chance? For your kind action this week, consider two things and act on at least one. First, see if you can do something kind for the person who provided you a second chance. Second, is there someone for whom you can provide a second chance? If so, provide it.

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