A KIND MAN : Inspiration #1

I’ve got a little task for you, intended to be quite simple. Go to this blog and read a few entries, at least 5. Pay attention to how they resonate with you and see what reactions, ideas & thoughts they conjure.

If you are so moved, act on one of your reactions in the form of kindness. Relate it to our story. Tell us about it, if you are so inclined.


  1. It was a kindness for me to have the flute music. I love that the flute player knows the music by heart and puts himself into his playing.

  2. I have a neighbor who two weeks ago was diagnosed with cancer. The tumor was so large that he is having radiation and chemo to shrink it before surgery. I have been wanting to call to offer help, but I kept hesitating. Sometimes people do not want to have to tell the details yet again and they are overloaded already. Yesterday when I say his adult daugther in the yard, I told her I been wanting to offer to help and if he would want me to I could drive him one day a week to his treatment to give his wife Patty a break. I learned that yesterday for the first time our next door neighbor was driving him (an hour each way.) I do not know if they will accept my offer, but I feel good for having acted on my impulse to help. I hope they do let me participate in their hardships as well as all the fun times.

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