1. As a student of Thich Nhat Hahn for many years I have know n about Jon’s mindfulness work as well. I really enjoy the reminder of the present moment, the presence of heart, the call to move from the small mind into big mind. It’s like a drink of fresh, cool, clear, mountain stream water where just one drop, one moment in the present, refreshes so deeply and profoundly.

    The practice of mindfulness is the only thing that helps me to place all my ‘troubles’ in correct perspective.

    Thanks Andy for sharing this video and thanks istopsuffering for expanding the post.


  2. I have experienced something this week that I do not really understand and rather than puzzle it our and explain it away, I will just share it with you. My father died four years ago and then when my mother passed away this April, it became my chore to sort through the family albums and distribute the pictures amongst us four siblings. Day before yesterday, I finished the last album which were mostly pictures of my parents when they were dating, then married, and had my brother and I. That was in the early to mid 40’s, some 70 years ago.

    My father’s name was Aubrey. When my son had a first child, a son, he named him Elias Aubrey. Yesterday, I decided I wanted to make an album for my grandson who is now thirteen and tell him a bit of Dad’s story, so he would have a book about his great grandfather’s life. It would be brief, mostly pictorial, but I would tell a story of the two Aubrey’s in my own simple terms, sharing a bit of Dad as a Dad and as a grandfather as well as making the point that he was given a name which he could be proud of.

    Early in the day, I began collecting pictures for the album and thinking of how I would organize it. When I had chosen a fairly large number to chose from, I became profoundly sad. I just let the feelings be what they were. I began to sob and.m only thought was that I no longer had my father.

  3. I finished the Story of Two Aubrey’s today and again was overcome with a great sadness. Grieving can take a long time and sometimes just comes upon you and you can’t really do anything about it. I look forward to giving the album to my grandson who is coming to visit tomorrow.

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