Twilight Zone Kindness #2 : Inspiration

In preparation for writing each week’s inspiration message, I look for something related to that week’s theme that inspires me. TZK-2 InspirationSometimes this is very easy and I know what I want to use. Other times, it’s hard, and I find myself searching for something inspirational. Such is this case this week.

I first did a search of my email archive of the phrase “second chance.” Nothing useful returned, despite my archive of lots of inspirational eNewsletters, among other things. So I moved to Google and searched for “second chance” there. LOTS of hits, but many of these aren’t inspiring at all. I revised the search, tried some slight variations, etc.

Still, nothing. So here I am, already a day late with this message, and I don’t have something “inspirational” to share about second chances.

It got me thinking, though. Maybe I need a “second chance” at this message, later, when I’m not distracted by the amount of work I currently have to do. Maybe one of you could provide me, and the rest of us, that “second chance” by posting something inspirational about this week’s episode.

What do you think?


  1. An apology is a second chance. I did not always have the humility to apologize when I was in the wrong, even if I knew immediately I was wrong. Even if I knew I had spoken in anger or in lack of understanding of the other person’s situations, I was embarrassed by my anger and unpleasantness. But partially because of taking these classes with Andy, I have learned how easy it is to offer an apology, that is sincere. First you must feel that you have done something unpleasant or inappropriate or over the top, but if you feel bad about the words spoken or the action taken, then trust your heart and if possible apologize. It feels so good.

    And the wonderful part of the formula is how often, almost always, the person who gets the apology is so grateful that they offer forgiveness, or accept that you were not at your best, and sometimes they even see the wonderful human being you can be and they hope by your example, that they will no longer forget to apologize when they hurt a child or a husband’s feelings, or behave rashly and in an unkind manner when someone cuts them off in traffic. We can give ourselves a second chance to show the truly amazing human beings we are.

    How’s that, Andy? The student is a teacher too – you have always believed in the goodness of people and I will always be thankful that you have been a part of my life and the lives of many others that you have touched. Your inspiration of today has in fact given me a chance to tell you not to worry about your post – it was brilliant. Look at the opportunity it gave me! Thank you.

  2. Amen, Linda. And I agree Andy, love Linda’s post. It is filled with love and insight. I would add a second chance at spiritual growth through reflection. I like to start my day with reflection but felt like I was stuck stuck stuck in a spiritual rut. I seemed to be ruminating over topics and my behavior – the behavior of others – and not moving forward with insight that was enlightening me with opportunity for growth and change. And then a friend at work sent me this great link to a kindness blog – your blog, Andy. Not only did it become a part of my daily reflection, but it gave me all sorts of great “acts of kindness” to pass on as daily assignments for the students in the summer program that I direct in Kentucky. The students come to study art and end up studying human kindness, positive affirmation, leadership and those things that lead us to take our talents back to our community and give back in a way that promotes strong, healthy community growth. Your kindness insights are living in those students and in their communities – and in my life – as you are reading this. What a great second chance for everyone!!

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