Secret Agent of Compassion : Mission #3

Badge 2International Kindness Team

Mission #3 : 09.13.13

Good Morning Agents!

It has come to our attention that some agents are predisposed to a toxin that can dismantle their super-structure for spreading the compassion antidote. The toxin causes what IKT scientists refer to as “brain-clouding” and can make agents become distracted in their interactions with others. An important element of compassion is learning how to be fully present with others, without judgment, fear, or jumping to consider next steps.

So today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to practice being fully present in an interaction with a friend. To do this, you must try to:

Mission 3• Listen without interrupting.
• Focus on what your friend is saying, not on what you might say next.
• Not hold judgment about you, your friend, or others mentioned in the interaction.
• Not solve any problem that may surface.
• Notice how you feeling during the interaction.
• Consider how your friend might be feeling.
• Ask questions to clarify your understanding.

To learn more about being present and mindful, you are directed to read this.

Agent Flag!! – There is a significant danger in today’s mission, agents. Hunting for the proper interaction with a friend removes you from the present and puts you in the future looking for it to come. Let your interaction find you. Trust that it will come.

As always, should your actions or those of any of the International Kindness Team be exposed, it will increase the positive ripple effect of creating more kindness in the world. Thus, if time avails, we at IKT HQ implore you to report your activities on the Compassion Map.

Good luck, agents.

Mission 3

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