The Kindness of Strangers

EK-001cI’m a big fan of the radio program “This American Life.” The program producers have done a tremendous job of making the program easily available, what is a tremendous kindness for a whole bunch of people they don’t know. You know, strangers. In this case, strangers who, like me, happen to love their radio program. You can log on to the program’s website and listen to any episode in their archive. You can even easily listen to specific stories, rather than having to sift through an episode to find the story you want to hear.

Like I said, I think this is a kindness to me, a stranger.

On this theme, back in 1997 the program dedicated an episode to the kindness of strangers. Amidst the several stories presented, my favorite is one about a New Yorker named Nick who would go out on his stoop and sing Sinatra songs to his neighbors. If you like people doing really nifty things, you’ll like this story. Listen to it here.

Cultivate your curiosity about strangers. Keep doing it. There are lots of people like Nick out there. And he really sounds a lot like Sinatra!

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