Kindness Blessings – Assignment #2

(Andy is facilitating an 4 session in-person kindness class on Wednesday nights using Rachel Naomi Remen’s book “My Grandfather’s Blessings”. The weekly assignments are being posted here for those in the class, and for anyone else interested in following along.)

ASSIGNMENT #2 — for May7

“Meaning is the language of the soul.”

Kind LivingREADING: Read Section III & IV. Please try to read slowly and mindfully, imagining that in your reading you are interacting with a dear friend. Pause and put the book aside when your mind wants to consider something in more depth. Reading this book is about the process, not about being able to say, “I read that book.”

KIND ACTION: This week’s action is adapted from the chapter “Finding the Center.” Choose a small object in your life that represents an important part of you. Set this object in a new place this week, a prominent spot that causes you to see it each morning. Consider its importance to you. Through this consideration, allow an idea for a kind action to blossom, be it one for you or someone else. Complete the act in the way it is meant to be done.

Write down the names of people from your life that you feel or have felt a deep connection to. Did you feel this connection immediately or over time? Also, pay attention to the people you encounter this week, those you know and strangers. If something meaningful occurs to you because of this, take note of it in your journal.

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