Secret Agent of Compassion

Secret Agent CrestThe 2014 Compassion Games begin tomorrow! Over 11 days, cities and communities are cooperatively competing to see which is the most compassionate. This is the third year of the games and they continue to grow. I’ve been involved since their inception, providing an online “game” I call the Secret Agent of Compassion.

The intention of the game is to recruit “secret agents” all over the world who each day have a mission of compassion to complete (if you choose to accept it). You receive your mission via email each morning, or can find it online at the headquarters of the International Kindness Team.

You can learn more about the Compassion Games at its website. Hopefully, you’ll join in and help spread the antidote of compassion where you are!


  1. Hi Andy,

    I would like the be a part of the IKT event, but am not sure if I can register with your Seattle group. There is none here. Suggestions?? I am hoping my granddaughter will do it with me also. Linda

    1. Feel free to list Seattle on that sign-up form. If you choose to post to the Compassion Map, which I hope you do, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to specify where you are, even if it’s not a city that’s participating.

      I’m so pleased you’re going to play!

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