“Strangers” : Assignment 1

“Whoever you are — I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

01A-KofSReading: Read chapters 1 – 5. Please read slowly, putting the book aside when you find your mind wanting to consider something further or when you find yourself connecting something in the book to a situation or story from your life. Pay attention to these. Write them down, or take notes in the book. Do you best to stay mindful in your reading, treating this book as you would a treasured friend with whom you are having a significant conversation.

Kind Action: In the regular course of your week, look for instances where you see someone doing something kind for another, presumably for a stranger. Take note of these in a way that is meaningful to you, ideally by writing them down. Pay attention to as many of the circumstances surrounding these acts as you can. Please note, the action this week is to simply become more aware of the kind actions taking place around you, to heighten your awareness of kindness, if you will.

Reflection Exercise: Reflect on the “two women in BMWs” (p 7). When in your life are you unwilling to “budge?” Consider if in these moments there is an opportunity for kindness, to yourself, to someone else, even to the world.

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