“Strangers” : Reflection 4

Is there a hierarchy that ranks charitable acts?

04RMaimonides, a 12th century Torah scholar, suggested that there are eight such levels:

  • Level 8 — The donor is pained by the act of giving
  • Level 7 — The donor gives less than he should but does so cheerfully
  • Level 6 — The donor gives after being solicited
  • Level 5 — The donor gives without being solicited
  • Level 4 — The recipient knows the donor but the donor does not know the recipient
  • Level 3 — The donor knows the recipient but the recipient does not know the donor
  • Level 2 — Neither the donor nor the recipient knows the other
  • Level 1 — The donor gives the recipient the wherewithal to become self-supporting

I encourage you to consider these levels in the context of the acts of kindness bestowed on McIntyre. For extra credit, I encourage you to consider these eight levels from a personal standpoint.

What reflection/evaluation do you make?

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