“Strangers” : Assignment 6

“From a certain point on there is no longer turning back. That is the point that must be reached.”- Franz Kafka (quoted by McIntyre on page 122)

06AReading: Read chapters 20 – 23.

Kind Action: Think about something you wanted in life and got. Was it a special toy
when you were six? A dream job offered to you when you were one of many candidates? Try to remember the feelings you had leading up to the moment you got your wish, and then the feeling right after you found out. What were the sensations like? Your job this week is to try to remember how this felt and tell a friend about it.

Reflection Exercise: Reflect on any books you have read that have dealt with the subject of kindness (and when I say ANY books I mean ANY — children’s, religious, novels, etc…). How have these books inspired you? Compare this to how you are feeling about McIntyre’s book.

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