Undivided Kindness – Week One

(The book referenced below is called “A Hidden Wholeness” by Parker Palmer, and the recommendation activities are for November 19.)

“A ‘still, small voice’ speaks the truth about me, my work, or the world.”

FallAndy01-fish14READING: Read the Prelude and chapters 1-3. Please read slowly, putting the book aside when you find your mind wanting to consider something further or when you find yourself connecting something Parker has written to a situation or story from your life. Pay attention to these. Write them down, or take notes in the book. Do you best to stay mindful in your reading, treating this book as you would a treasured friend with whom you are having a significant conversation.

KINDNESS: Take time to consider from where you currently draw your support, considering both individuals and communities. Expand this to include communities that have supported you in the past. Pick one of these communities, current or past, that has supported you in terms of the “True Community” section in chapter two, what Parker calls a “Circle of Trust.” If you have a hard time finding such a community, choose an individual. Express your gratitude for this community (or individual) in a way that joins your “soul and your role.”

JOURNAL: Pick up a small notebook that you can carry with you fairly easily. Make a note in it each time you experience something that causes you to feel more fully yourself, summarizing for yourself what this thing is. It could be an action (like making your bed), eating a specific food, talking to a particular person, etc.

REFLECTION: As you read this week, imagine that you have invited your true self over for a conversation. Do you feel separated or united? Do what your heart tells you to do in order to feel united.

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