“Stargirl” : Inspiration 1

KL-Stargirl01I-fish0814I’d like to suggest that it’s possible to complete anonymous acts of kindness in full view of others. To do so, you must come from a deep, pure place inside your heart, a place that is not completing the action for personal gain, show or reward. In essence, your body is being seen but your ego is in check. This allows something pure and natural to take place, your soul connecting to something profound. Going one step further, I’d suggest that at its root it is actually neither anonymous nor even kind, as those are terms of the ego. It just is.

Consider this in conjunction with Stargirl’s congratulations card that she left in the mailbox. I’m suggesting she knew Leo was following her. Did she deliver the card as a show for him, or was delivering it part of her afternoon plan all along? Does this consideration broaden your ideas of what YOU could do for a kind, anonymous act?

Embedded below is a video link to a small section of a movie adaptation of “The Little Prince.” Take a look at it and consider the two things I’ve mentioned above – seeing the world through child-like eyes and the nature of anonymous kindness.

Having seen the clip, go back and re-read my comments above, keeping in mind my intention here is to inspire you. Allow your reactions to come to the surface. If it is of use to you, ponder these expressions: “It’s only with the heart that one can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.”

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