“Stargirl” : Inspiration 2

KL-Stargirl02I-fish0814“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” –Juvenal

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that you all are already familiar with Jean Giono’s brilliant short story “The Man Who Planted Trees.” In every aspect important to me, it’s perfect. And I think it’s completely apt as an attempt to further inspire you to consider the concept of “getting credit” this week.

Embedded below is my all-time favorite 30 minutes of video, an Academy Award-winning animated version of the complete story. I encourage you to find a comfortable spot, your favorite relaxing beverage, and devote 30 uninterrupted minutes to watch it.

After watching it, consider if the shepherd and Stargirl are being driven by the same thing. If so, what is this “thing?” Me, I think they are being driven by the same thing (I’ll reserve commenting on what I think this “thing” is), but the shepherd has something Stargirl does not yet have, a wisdom that only comes with experience.

Oh, if you are interested in reading the text of “The Man Who Planted Trees,” it’s available online and as a short book at Amazon.

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