Mission #4 – Sept 14, 2015

04Good Morning Ambassadors of Compassion!

Let’s expand the concept of you becoming your own renewable source of compassionate energy by considering tools like solar panels and windmills that generate their own electricity. Unlike finite fuel sources (coal, oil, and gas) that are used in inefficient power plants that waste 60-70% of the fuel’s energy, renewable sources of energy are limitless and more efficient.

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to further shift your focus to being a producer of renewable compassionate power rather than a consumer of inefficient forms of human energy.

How is this done?

With mindful awareness of how you behave in ordinary situations, that’s how.

In your regular interactions with people today, practice common courtesy with heightened awareness. Hold doors open for people, smile, say thank you, and be friendly. You know, do those tiny extra things it takes to be nice to others.04-Reflection

This mission may seem simple at first glance, or even insignificant. But give it some extra thought as you go about your usual routine. If you fully engage in it, you very well may have a transformative experience and, like ripples that spread out when a pebble is dropped in a pond, you will recognize how you can positively influence others. With that in mind, we at IKT HQ request that you report your activities on the Compassion Map.

Good luck, ambassadors.

(Help children understand today’s mission by talking to them about good manners, things they may already have some understanding of. Part of the idea here is to bring heightened attention to simple acts of courtesy or everyday kindness. Doing these things consistently and over time is what causes others to see us as kind people. And the more we practice this, the more opportunities for being kind we recognize.)

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