Mission #1 : Do Something Kind Anonymously

“One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness; it usually comes back to you.” – Anonymous

01-anonymous-headerI’m starting this activity purposefully vague in order for you to define what doing something kind anonymously means to YOU right now. Expect to come back to this at the end of the activity to see if your definition has changed in any way.

So, to begin, your mission is complete a specific action in a way that honors your sense of what it means to complete an anonymous act of kindness.

01-anonymous-bodyIf you want, see yourself as part of something larger, part of a universe of beings all embedded with the desire to be kind. And to enhance your mission, try completing multiple anonymous acts of kindness, both those that appear to you in the moment but at least one that requires some advance planning.

As you contemplate anonymity and kindness, consider what it means to be a humble agent of kindness. You may want to see your acts as not coming from you, but through you. Allow your creativity to run rampant. Play with the secret agent component and create a secret identity for yourself. Do some online research to explore relevant links to kindness and anonymity.

Consider keeping a private journal in which you detail your experiences. If you do this, summarize your main action for yourself and note what anonymity means to you.

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