Mission #2 : Do Something Simple

“Action speaks louder than words – but not nearly as often.” –Anonymous

02-m-anonymous-kindnesspngThis week, please MINDFULLY complete at least one very simple act of anonymous kindness. It may be something you plan or it may come upon you spontaneously. It just needs to be simple, perhaps even seemingly insignificant. The key here is that you put your full self into it. The hoped-for result is two-fold. One, that when performing acts of kindness in the context of this activity you do so from the inside out and not as an after-thought. And two, to help you consider how potentially significant acts of kindness really are, especially those that are simple to complete.02a-anonymous-kindness

Try to choose something that allows you to see its result in some way or, if need be, imagine a plausible one. For instance, returning a shopping cart left in the parking lot is a simple act of kindness, but you are unlikely to see any positive result from it. But if you consider that putting the cart away kept someone’s car from being hit by it, which may prevent the car from needing to go to the body shop, thus saving the car owner trouble and time, you are getting the picture.

If you want to get even more out of this mission, try completing a simple act of kindness every day of the week. Or, or in addition, write a paragraph about what you do to fulfill the mission, keeping the paragraph simple in the spirit of the mission.

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