Reflection #6 : Do Something Kind in Your Neighborhood

“One of the greatest dignities of humankind is that each successive generation is invested in the welfare of each new generation.” –Mr. Fred Rogers

06-anonymous-kindness-inverseI think the phrase “state of mind” is another way to refer to our attitudes, and I think our attitude determines how we receive and respond to the world.

With Mr. Rogers as inspiration, I invite you to consider that how you define your neighborhood is a “state of mind.” Expanding it, your neighborhood grows from being beyond one’s apartment building or block to include more and more distance, and ultimately the whole world. 06c-anonymous-kindnessWhen one’s neighborhood extends to include the whole world, everyone in the world becomes your neighbor. In this day and age of globalization, it may very well be that cultivating this state of mind is the key to preserving life on the planet.

If everyone in the world is my neighbor, I may think a little bit longer about how my actions impact others.

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