Reflection #9 : What You Wish to Experience, Provide For Another

09-anonymous-kindness-inverse“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

To fully engage in this mission in the way it was intended was to first identify something you want in life, then look for someone else who you think also would benefit from this thing, whatever it is. Having done that, the idea was to then provide that person with this thing in some way that you can. It need not have been in huge form; in fact, I think the way to get the most out of this exercise is to find a way to provide the thing in a small way.

My experience with this is when I do it, not only does the other person get to experience something they need, but I get something I need, too. In providing it in a small dose, an expanding element is somehow activated that allows me (and maybe others) to experience it. A past participant who did this commented that what she gave came back ten-fold.

I think she may have tapped into some kind of natural law.

09c-anonymous-kindnessThe more loving we are to others, the more love we experience. We also become “love magnets.” We start seeing more of the every day beauty that surrounds us, including the fresh scent of a flower or the kindness extended when a young person on the bus gives up his seat to someone older, tuned in as we are to the positive. By exercising the loving side of ourselves, this side becomes stronger and more aware. Any tendencies we have to focus on negativity are weakened.

The logical result of this is you become grateful for your life.

Try to recall the children’s song “Magic Penny” by Malvina Reynolds, the one with the chorus, “Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.” That pretty much sums it up. In fact, take a listen now as a way to wrap up this week’s mission.

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