Inspiration #10 : Do Something Kind Anonymously

“I want to help put the smile on people’s face and show other kids they can do something, even if they’re young.” –Soundwave

For inspiration this week, I point you to the Real Life Super Hero Project, a website devoted to ordinary people who do extraordinary things, including dressing up in costumes before heading out into their communities to make a positive difference. It’s another take on anonymity and kindness.

I was drawn to the story of Soundwave and Jetstorm, sibling superheroes who, according to the website, can be “found at a variety of charitable events, from blood drives to Independence Day celebrations, from visiting at VA hospitals to hitting the streets for the Walk For Cystic Fibrosis.” Go read about them and see if you don’t come away a little bit more inspired.

For a closing dose of inspiration, I offer this quote from a veteran kindness class participants who was considering what it means to complete anonymous acts of kindness:

“I can be anonymously kind in the world because you don’t need to know me and I don’t need to know you. My face may immediately become a distant memory and I certainly won’t remember what you looked like, but I can still pick up your dropped scarf, or let you get out of the parking lot first, or allow you to have the last bag of lettuce in the produce department.”

This is EXACTLY the kind of thinking I’m encouraging you to do this week as you work to expand your definition of anonymity, especially in terms of completing anonymous acts of kindness.

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