Mission #3 – Sept 10, 2018

Good Morning, Agents!

There is a powerful antidote to counteract the negativity and divisiveness currently plaguing the global community. This highly potent antidote exists within you. It just needs mindful awareness to activate.

Today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to activate this antidote by treating everyone you encounter as your friend.

Smile at people, hold doors open, let folks go in front of you. If you feel inclined, use your sense of self to decide how to complete at least one act of thoughtfulness that requires some additional work on your part.

Again, it’s very important to help spread the goodwill generated by completing the missions by reporting your activity on the Compassion Map.

Thank you, agents, for your invaluable contributions!


    1. Thanks for trying, Judy! I’ve heard from others that it’s confusing. What I know to do is first click on the link to the map in any of the missions. Once connected, click “Explore Map” in the lower center. At the next screen, click “Participate” in the upper right. Once there, you have three options. I suggest you click “Continue as Guest” unless you have a Google account. That should take you to a screen where you can input your activity. I hope you can make it work! Thanks again, –A

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