Mission #9 – Sept 16, 2018

Are You Ready for Day 9 of the Compassion Games?!

Of course you are.

Members of the International Kindness Team (IKT) are always ready to consider and complete an act of goodwill.

We're going to start today's mission by doing a little mental exercise. Close your eyes and consider some of the meanings of the word "light."

  – What "lightens" your load?
  – What does it mean to "light" a fire?
  – What is "light" to your touch?
  – Have you ever met someone whose eyes "light" up?

With hopefully a new awareness, look for the inner light in each person you encounter today. Allow this light to illuminate your path and imagine how the light inside of you does this for others.

Okay, now think of some people you know who may be feeling isolated in some way.
  – What makes them isolated?
  – Could they use some help/attention?
  – How can you tell?

Pick one of these people you think would benefit from some kind of attention and complete an action that intends to decrease her/his isolation while shining a light on their humanity. This need not be anything big. It's often the smallest actions, the everyday actions, that carry the most significance.

If it is difficult for you to find someone you know who fits this bill, consider this mission more broadly or even metaphorically. Is there something you can do to reduce isolation on a more general scale? Be creative as you consider this and do something that provides you a sense of making a difference.

Later tonight, think about if what you did allows you to believe that your light has been made visible to at least one other person.

Also, to help spread the goodwill generated by completing the missions, please take a few minutes each day to report your activity on the Compassion Map. Doing so will help solidify in your mind what you've done while creating a legacy of our collective activity that will be there to inspire others.

Good luck, agents.

PS  – For additional thoughts about compassion, we encourage you to watch this short video.

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