Do Something Small

Here in the United States where I live, after a week of a lot of BIG things having taken place (and with the potential of more to come), I encourage people to think about the importance of doing small things.

To assist, begin this week by considering the “Butterfly Effect,” the concept that something as seemingly insignificant as a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can impact the weather in another part. The flapping wings cause an atmospheric change that then sets off a series of events that ultimately leads to something significant happening.

Like the butterfly effect, I believe one small, kind act sets off a series of positive events.

With this in mind, complete a very, very small kind action that does not require a lot of you. Think of this action as being a minor tune-up on the engine of the universe. In its “small-ness” it may almost seem insignificant. But as a “tune-up” it is part of an ongoing maintenance effort that prevents a major problem from happening down the line.

If it helps, use the following as a mantra:

Keep things simple and thoughtful.

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