Practice Common Courtesy, Pt II

Among many things, Kind Living follower Arden Clise teaches etiquette savvy. After participating in a 14-week Kind Living activity several years ago, she wrote about her experience on her blog:

“Kindness is a big part of etiquette. Etiquette is about making others feel comfortable. When you are kind, you make people comfortable and help them to feel special.”

Arden reached out to me two weeks ago in response to my encouragement for people to “practice common courtesy.” I asked her what recommendations she has been giving during the pandemic. She offered these:

  • If you forget your mask while out on a walk, cross the street when you approach others to keep from spreading germs.

  • Put your mask on in a restaurant when you’re not eating and especially when the waiter comes to the table.

  • Tip extra generously for your takeout or restaurant meal. Restaurants and restaurant workers are struggling.

  • Rather than shake hands, a friendly wave or salute are great socially distanced greetings.

  • Say hello to people out for walks as you pass them.

Thanks, Arden, for these great ideas and for years of following Kind Living!

Learn more about Arden’s work here.

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