Do Something Kind For a Stranger

This week’s recommended exercise is intended to help you to experience how it feels to do something kind when reciprocation is not likely. Please extend a kind action to a stranger, someone you do not know on a personal level. Typically, these are the people you pass by or hear about as you go on with your day.

I’ve held off offering this exercise during the pandemic, thinking that it might be too challenging. That said, I decided to put it out there with the thought that the challenge might encourage creativity. If you do give this a go, I’d love to hear how you do it.

Traditionally, doing something kind for a stranger includes things like:

  • Holding the elevator door open for someone.
  • Anonymously buying coffee for someone behind you in line at the coffee shop.
  • Putting up money for the next $10 worth of fines at the library.

As you perform your action, I encourage you to put your heart into it and let doing so warm you. Doing so, your kind act for a stranger is a kind act for yourself.

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