On Sacrifice

Take time to think of stories, true and fictional, of people who have made a sacrifice for others. Start with big sacrifices, like soldiers dying in times of war. Do some research about this, online or even by going to a library or to a museum. The idea here is to be inspired by these acts of sacrifice, what might even be called acts of grace.

Next, move to what might be considered smaller sacrifices, a parent giving up something in order for her child to have it, to even smaller sacrifices, someone giving the last slice of cake in the house to another. That sort of thing.

Having done that, think of a sacrifice someone has made on your behalf, big or small. Contact that person and specifically thank them for what they did. If possible, do this in person. If you can’t contact this person, tell someone about the sacrifice and how it has impacted you.

Once done, write about your experience and include a visual representation of the sacrifices you considered.

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