Clean Up Your Own Mess

Pay attention this week to how cleaning up your own mess is one of the kindest things you can do, especially for those people closest to you.

For instance, clean up the kitchen after each meal or snack, put your clothes away, make your bed each day, change the toilet paper roll, and whatever else you need to do to clean up after yourself. In practice, there are countless opportunities to do this each day. 

Extend this lesson to include putting things back where you found them, illustrated in actions like returning your grocery cart to where you got it.

Additionally, expand the concept by thinking about the metaphorical messes you make and clean those up, too. Are these confusing thoughts, mixed messages, unclear directions?


  1. I agree (try to practice), a tidy environment helps to have a tidy mind, not too much clutter for the brain to process! If in doubt, chop wood carry water, change begins within. That’s the theory, anyway. 😕

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