A KIND MAN : Assignment #4

“He had been given something freely and passed it freely on…”

Reading : Read chapters 19-25. Consider reading with some quiet music playing or with a candle lit. What can you do to “soften” your reading environment, to make it cozy for you?

Kind Action : First, finish reading the book. Then use your wisdom and intuition to guide you. Tap into it. Trust it. Allow it to point you to a kind action that speaks to your heart and then unfolds from your heart. This may be more poignant if you wait to do so until you have finished reading the book.

Storytelling : This week, the last one of our class, write a story of something that happens in your life during the week. Put it in the standard 3 paragraph form we’ve been using. The idea here is to trust the process, that a meaningful and poignant story will naturally emerge.

Comments Section : Ask a question related in some way to your experience in this class. This could be directed to another class member, to me, to yourself. It could be rhetorical in nature. Be open to it. Of course, share with us anything else you’d like to share.