A KIND MAN : Reflection #3

What happened in those few minutes at the cemetery in chapter 16? Tommy is suddenly better and heads to his daughter’s grave. At the cemetery he encounters two women who suggest he had somehow been lying about being sick. He’s angry, but moves past them to the grave. He touches the headstone and everything falls into place. His anger is gone. He has a realization.

“Something fell into place but he did not know what or where.”

“Something righted itself that had been out of true but he did not know how.”

“Behind him, the two women spoke in low voices but he no longer minded them.”

Of those three quotes, reflect on the phrase “righted itself that had been out of true.” “Out of true.” What does that mean? And when aligned with the true, why is Tommy no longer disturbed by the women? Who or what does the “righting?”

Linda, thank you for the story of the Two Aubreys. As painful as the sadness may be, it sounds to me as if something is being righted by and for you.