19 Feb – 25 Feb 2020 – Daily Haiku

Each day in 2020, I’m adapting that day’s entry from the book “365 Tao: Daily Meditations” into a haiku. I’m doing this, though, following the structure of “Blackout Poetry.” I darken the words I’m not using and highlight those I am, thus allowing my haiku to emerge from the page. At the end of each seven day period, I post the previous seven as a string of haikus.

February 19-25:

We project meaning.
Associate perception.
Receiving echoes.

Incarnate spirit.
To appreciate this world,
offer compassion.

Inner impulses.
One voice within the silence.
Comfort on the path.

Sleep, to feel better.
Eat, to understand the food.
Ground, to gain balance.

Consolidate resources.
Strength in suffering.

Resolve is patience.
Small components are basic.
The greatest magic.

Ordinary truth.
Listen, understand wonders.
Engage mysteries.



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